Nur Al-Yateem

NUR AL-YATEEM is designed to mainly securing their basic needs, physical and psychological care establishing good upbringing and dignifying life. Balancing and bring lights into their life in dunya and hereafter by memorizing the Quran, as mentioned by Rasullulah SAW: ‘WHOEVER FOCUS ON THE AL AKHIRAH, THE DUNYA WILL COME TO HIM.’

Let’s Help Al-Yateem Together

"kindness is the best form of humanity"


– Nearly 2.3 millions Palestinian children aged below 18 are now living in Gaza Strip and West Bank.
– 25,000 of them are orphans which parents especially their breadwinner were killed upon attack or medical situations.
– Palestinian children in West Bank are facing with prosecution, arrest and adult like imprisonment and are denied for basic rights.
– Less than 30% children are enrolled to secondary education.
– Child labour is significantly increasing each year due to lack of funds to support them.

Challenges faced by orphans:

– Low self esteem
Severe trauma
– Poverty
– Separation & Deprivation
– Violations of rights


– Education-classes for memorizing Quran & learning tajwidfiqhtafseer and Sirah will be covered.
– Food Security-providing food for the yateem and yateem’s family.
– Clothing-Providing proper clothing for seasonal season (Winter Clothing & Eid Clothing)
– Medical-Supporting them for medical treatment and necessary medical care